May 2, 2024

Top 5 Facials in San Diego for Every Skin Type

Finding the right facial for you

You may think you’re getting the right facial, but you could be wrong. Gretchen Wieners voice.
This is more common than you think.

It’s like becoming obsessive and hoarding all acne products because you got one pimple 3 weeks ago.
Getting a facial is crucial to establishing the fundamentals in your skin journey.

Living in San Diego means enjoying the sun nearly year-round, but this sunny disposition can take a toll on your skin.

Whether it’s the persistent sun exposure or the city’s dry climate, finding the right facial to maintain your skin’s health here is crucial.

Here are the most common questions we’ve been asked, and we’ve taken the time to build the proper facial recommendations for the following skin concerns:

What facial is best for acne/blackheads?

Which facial is good for dehydrated skin?

Which facial is best after 40?

What’s the best facial for someone who wants to avoid Botox?

What facial is best for acne/blackheads?

For clients in San Diego struggling with acne, we always recommend starting off with the HONEST essential.

It is hands down our most customizable treatment, perfect for addressing the unique challenges posed by the city’s urban pollutants and sunny climate.

This treatment focuses on a deep clean, thorough extractions, and resetting your skin, laying a solid foundation for healthy, clear skin.


  1. Enzyme + No-Peel: This combination is ideal for gently accelerating the skin’s natural exfoliation process without causing additional irritation. Perfect for San Diego’s active lifestyle, as it requires no downtime.

  2. No-Peel + Jelly Mask: The no-peel ensures that your skin’s natural barrier remains intact, critical in our city’s dry climate, while the jelly mask provides intense hydration and soothing relief, leaving your skin supple and radiant.

Which facial is good for dehydrated skin?

For clients with dehydrated skin that’s often mistaken as dry skin, we recommend the HONEST essential again because it’s an excellent foundation to repair dehydration.

This treatment is particularly beneficial in our region, where the climate can strip moisture from your skin, leaving it looking and feeling parched.


  1. Oxygen Trifecta: This powerhouse treatment infuses your skin with essential oxygen, which is especially beneficial in San Diego’s urban environment. It helps to revitalize your skin cells, promoting healthier, plumper skin that glows with vitality.

  2. Sculpted Jelly Mask: Following the oxygen infusion, the sculpted jelly mask provides a soothing and cooling experience, ideal for our warm San Diego weather. It locks in moisture and ensures deep hydration, helping to maintain your skin’s dewy freshness throughout the day.

Ready to rejuvenate your skin with a tailored facial that addresses your specific concerns?

Book a consultation with us today and discover why we’re the go-to facial experts in San Diego. Whether you’re fighting acne, dryness, or signs of aging, we have the perfect solution waiting for you

Which facial is best after 40?

For our clients over 40 in San Diego, we recommend the HONEST renewal as an advanced alternative to our standard offerings.

While the HONEST essential is a reliable choice, the HONEST renewal steps up as a noninvasive targeted treatment specifically designed for mature skin.

This treatment employs small wire-based filaments with microscopic channels, similar to microneedling.

Microchanneling is an exceptional method to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating your body’s natural ability to generate collagen, elastin, and other essential building blocks of healthy skin—ideal for combatting the aging effects of San Diego’s sun exposure.


  1. Dermaplaning: This add-on is perfect for seamlessly removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz, enhancing the effects of microchanneling by allowing deeper product penetration. For our active San Diego clientele, this means quicker, more visible results with minimal downtime.

  2. Chemical Peel: Complementing the microchanneling, a chemical peel helps to intensify skin renewal, targeting deeper layers of the epidermis to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. This treatment is particularly effective in our sunny climate, helping to address sun damage and uneven skin tones prevalent in the area.

What’s the best facial for someone who wants to avoid Botox?

For our San Diego clients who prefer a natural alternative to Botox, the HONEST sculpt is an exceptional choice. This treatment is ideal for combating facial fatigue, resting fine lines, and wrinkles, which are common concerns given the ample sun exposure in our area.

The HONEST sculpt includes a therapeutic facial massage coupled with the award-winning microcurrent device, Biotherapeutics.

It’s like a gym workout for your face, designed to retrain your skin and facial muscles to adopt a more youthful behavior without the need for invasive procedures.


  1. Dermaplaning: A fantastic addition to the HONEST sculpt, dermaplaning delicately removes the outermost layer of dead skin and fine hairs. This process enhances the efficacy of the microcurrent treatment by allowing deeper penetration of actives, making it especially beneficial in the dry San Diego climate, where skin can often feel parched.

  2. Jelly Mask: Post-microcurrent treatment, the jelly mask serves as a soothing finale. It provides deep hydration and locks in the benefits of the sculpt session, ensuring your skin remains hydrated and plump, countering the typical dryness of our local weather.

Finding the right facial in San Diego doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Visit us to discover how our tailored treatments can rejuvenate and restore your skin to its youthful radiance. Perfect for the San Diego lifestyle, our facials are designed to meet your unique skin needs.


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