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Our services are founded on an in-depth skin analysis that allow us to curate an honest and personalized treatment experience. Our offerings cater to the ever-changing lifestyles of our Honest community. The cornerstone of our treatments is the Honest Essential Facial.

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The Honest Essential

60 minutes $125

This facial experience is set to create a new standard in the esthetic industry. We combine advanced wet diamond-tip technology with advanced formulations chosen specifically for you. This facial is meant to cleanse, resurface, and restore the skin’s balance with carefully selected infusions for each client. We call this our Honest Essential because we consider it the foundation of every single treatment. Every session can be combined and further customized with add-ons that add to your experience and results! We believe this facial is reviving, relaxing, and essential to your skin’s health.

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The Honest Renewal

60 minutes $185

This microchanneling treatment begins with an express Honest Essential Facial to cleanse and prep the skin. Afterwards we use unique technology to create hundreds of thousands of microchannels to initiate the collagen production process. We infuse extremely targeted stem cell  serums to aid in the healing process, improving skin texture and overall youth and appearance of your skin. 

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The Honest Sculpt

60 minutes $145

This facial experience is designed to lift, sculpt and tone the face, with a unique facial massage technique combined with a renowned microcurrent device. We begin by refreshing the skin with our advanced wet diamond-tip technology, which cleanses, resurfaces, and restores the skin's natural balance, using carefully selected infusions tailored to each client. We follow with our signature facial sculpting massage, and finish with our award-winning microcurrent machine that tones the facial muscles. We believe that this treatment will bring back definition and youthfulness to your overall facial appearance.

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